Visiting the Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute

On Sunday, my new friends from the Pottery Workshop, Heidi McKenzie, Joan Relke, Karl Merten and I met with Wendy Li, the Director of the Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute.  She kindly gave us a tour.  The residency is located just outside of Jingdezhen and is an easy distance from the center of the city.

This is a photo of some of the studio space as you enter the work area.

One of the founders of Sanbao is the well know ceramist Jackson Li, shown below in his studio.  He had just returned from an opening for an exhibition at Delft, celebrating four hundreds years of ceramics.

Just outside of Jackson's studio is one of the several Sanbao kilns.  The roosters wander around nonchalantly.

On the other side of the buildings is a three chambered dragon kiln built into the mountainside.

There are many different rooms for the Sanboa resident artists to work and write in.

The rooms all look out into the countryside.

I especially like this room for calligraphy.

This person is using the bamboo on the property to produce brushes for use and sale.

There are vases of flowers placed around the compound.

At the end of our walk, Wendy Li graciously offered us tea.

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